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plaqueStage 6: Arica – Calama (767Km)

Frans Verhoeven dag 6-02 small
Verhoeven "runs like a Diesel engine" 

Frans Verhoeven needed some time to find his rhythm in the sixth stage of the Dakar. The start of the day was a hard one for everybody. The first bikes got off the bivouac in Arica at 4.30 in the morning, while it was still dark. The 291 kilometers liaison at daybreak was long and boring.
‘Riding into the daylight is difficult’, Verhoeven explained. ‘You have to fight against sleep and in the end you don’t know how to sit anymore. I started the special with a wooden butt.’.

Date: 11-01-2013
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plaqueStage 5: Arequipa – Arica

Frans Verhoeven dag 5 02 small
Verhoeven found the fun again

A dirty, nasty track is in favor of Frans Verhoeven. The former trial specialist feels at home in a difficult stage with stones, dust and sand that require technical skills not everybody has. The fifth stage of the Dakar Rally was like that. If it would have been longer than just 130 kilometers it might have been the usual ‘stage win after disaster day’ for Verhoeven. He had to settle for 15th and was satisfied with that.
Date: 10-01-2013
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plaqueStage 4: Pisco – Arequipa

Difficult fourth day for Verhoeven

Yamaha Netherlands Verhoeven Team rider Frans Verhoeven experienced a difficult fourth day, losing valuable time with a fuel hose issue. The Dutchman was forced to stop and repair his bike on-stage, eventually bringing it home in 53rd place to drop to 27th in the overall standings.
Date: 09-01-2013



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