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TSUBAKI features

•  High tech
•  Heavy load applicable
•  Most reliable
•  Low maintenance
•  Low friction
•  Superior performance





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TSUBAKI rider talk

  • Tsubaki rider talk 8

    ‘I am amazed! so little stretch wear after so many kilometers of intense use’
    Peter Muurman - Travelor
    “Tsubaki motorcycle chain sponsors me another chain for my 2018 Africa trip! Thank you a lot Tsubaki!
    In 2016 Tsubaki sponsored me a Sigma XRG TX4 chain and I measure an amazing performance from this chain. After intense use for 35000 kilometers on one and the same chain it has still 25% left until its stretch wear limits.
    Because the choice of this type of Sigma chain was such a good decision, I am very happy to accept a new chain of the same type for my 2018 Africa trip.” 

  • Tsubaki rider talk 7

    'Tsubaki never failed me,
    I always choose Tsubaki reliability'

    Frans Verhoeven
    Yamaha Netherlands Verhoeven

    “Tsubaki products have never failed me through-out my entire motorsports career. That’s why I always choose for the reliability of Tsubaki, even against team-sponsor policy!"

    From 2004 on I have dedicated myself to Rally sports where material suffers long and heavy wear and tear. Like in the Dakar rally where sand, stones and mud-streams are to be expected. I finished this approx 10,000km competition with a single Tsubaki MX Alpha XRG chain!
    Within my sports, where distances of 800 Km a day are no exeption, it’s a blessing when the chain only needs initial adjustment and keeps its shape and length true-out the whole race. Tsubaki chain provides this.

    In 2015 I plan to compete in my 10th DAKAR rally with my own team-structure ; ‘’Yamaha Netherlands Verhoeven’’ under the Yamaha Factory Racing flag. For me personal this is a “come back“ to the brand.
    This team-structure provides to breed young talented riders in Rally-raids to prepare them for the long runs and to commit them to the Yamaha brand.”

  • Tsubaki rider talk 2

    'Tsubaki chain suffered virtually no stretch'

    Paul Denning

    Team Principal, Crescent Suzuki WSBK
    Managing Director Crescent Motorcycle
    Crescent Suzuki has been competing in professional Superbike Championships since 1997 and we have used many different drive chains in these 15 years.
    2012 was our first season in the World Superbike Championship and we can honestly say that the Tsubaki chain was the most reliable and durable chain we have ever used.
    Even with engine power increasing to over 220ps, the Tsubaki chain suffered virtually no stretch and ran with very little friction, even in wet conditions”.

  • Tsubaki rider talk 3

    'It could have lasted for the entire Dakar rally'

    Henno van Bergeijk
    Rally veteran
    “My experiences with Tsubaki chains are super; they are indestructible and often last longer than the sprockets. The last Dakar with my heavy KTM 690, I've only changed the chain as a precaution , certainly not because it was worn: It could have lasted for the entire Dakar rally!”.

  • Tsubaki rider talk 4

    "This gives us full confidence!"

    Rob en Dafne de Jong
    Ride-on MotorTours
    “As an organizer and supervisor of overland-travel to distant and unfamiliar areas, we are like no other, depending on the reliability and durability of our material. Whether we travel from Paris to Beijing, around the world or from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, the Tsubaki chains we use withstand these challenges effortless. This gives us full confidence!

  • Tsubaki rider talk 5

    "We rely on Tsubaki chain for over 15 years ."

    Jacky Martens
    Team owner JM-Racing KTM
    For over 15 years using Tsubaki MX Pro and MX Alpha XRG chain
    with great satisfaction.

  • Tsubaki rider talk 6

    'Thumbs Up for Tsubaki chain'

    Eugene Laverty

    Pilot, Voltcom Crescent Suzuki WSBK team
    Satisfied with reliability and quality of Tsubaki.

  • Tsubaki rider talk 1

    'You can always count
    on Tsubaki'

    Simon Buckmaster,
    PTR Honda Team Manager

    “You can always count on Tsubaki. The drive chain is something people do not think about on a bike but it is an integral part of PTR’s race-winning package. We’ve always used Tsubaki chain and they have never let us down.”

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