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Tsubakimoto Chain co, Japan: the world's largest chain maker and manufacturer of power transmission systems. Tsubakimoto is a multinational with sales and service organizations all over the world. Thanks to our vast research and development resources we have a leading position in the development of new technical concepts for industrial use. A longstanding reputation of high quality products helps us expand and conserve our market share in the industrial and motorcycle sector


For almost hundred years, Tsubaki has been dedicated to improve the quality of roller chain. No one knows exactly when the idea for roller chain was first conceived but brilliant 15th Century inventor Leonardo da Vinci produced a series of sketches illustrating basic chain. Until today these sketches are still fundamental for the design of today’s roller chain. A magnificent testimony to the effectiveness of its original design.

Tsubakimoto Europe BV

Established in 1972 and located in Dordrecht (the Netherlands). Taking care of markets throughout Europe, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East, exept those European countries that are served by another Tsubaki group company.

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Tsubakimoto Europe B.V.
(European Headquarters)
Aventurijn 1200
3316 LB Dordrecht
The Netherlands
Phone +31 78 6204000
Industrial Product Division: TEU website

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