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Road Racing: Dunlop Superbike race winner RST Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man TT last Saturday started the week off with the RST Superbike race. Michael Dunlop showed itself
after more than 360 km race on the Mountain Course fastest. Dunlop also drew passing around a historical record.
Dunlop went like a rocket start and grabbed the lead quickly in the first round. The 27-year-old Northern Irishman
rode his first two laps in the 17 minutes that he was the first who managed to break the 17 minute barrier.

Dunlop made the first lap down in 16.58'439 and nibbled there are almost 0.2 seconds in the second round to set
the lap record on 16.58'254 which means an average speed of 133 381 mph (over 214 km / h). Dunlop picked in
the first round a lead of about 4 seconds which was doubled a lap later. In the third round, which includes the first
fuel stop, the BMW driver increased his lead to 17 seconds after the fourth round, the lead was 18 seconds.
   Michael Dunlop copyright RaceSport


At the second pit stop the Hawk team BMW Dunlop was again faster than the BMW Tyco team Hutchinson
making Dunlop with a thick 20 seconds ahead enter the final round.
Lead Dunlop did not care thatHutchinson got back a few seconds in the final round. Hutchinson grabbed a
fine second place and kept comfortable ahead of the third finisher John McGuiness.

Peter Hickman, Dean Harrison, Michael Rutter and David Johnson finished in places four to seven. Bruce Anstey
snatched eighth place on the Honda RC213V-S.
Performance Racing driver Jochem van den Hoek had a good debut on the difficult and dangerous island circuit.
Work Dammer rode with his Kawasaki a fastest lap of 18.51'609 and managed to bring the long race to a
successful conclusion. Van den Hoek finished the race 44th on more than 12½ minutes behind winner Dunlop.

Michael Dunlop made Logo TSUBAKI web  proud with the fastest time a Tsubaki chain ever went round in a TT!




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