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SWPN: Official Partner of Stichting Zorgeloos Kind makes families happy

Koning fam.juli 2018  26 November 2017 the life of the Konings family changed drastically. They gave
  birth to a handsome young man named Jayvano but after 5 days they had to
  rush to the hospital. Jayvano turn out to have the Sensner syndrome. The world
  collapsed after all the findings they were told about this syndrome.

  In Jayvano's short life he already had 2 operations. In half a year this family has
  driven more than 30,000 kilometers and it becomes impossible in their small
  petrol car. Both financially and logistically this family can not go any further.

  Thats where Stichting Zorgeloos Kind (Foundation Carefree Child) stepped in.
  They are trying to purchase a modified wheelchair bus for this family.

They are still looking for sponsors and donations and looking for the contribution of the final 12.000 Euro.

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This is just one of the stories of Stichting Zorgeloos Kind.

On Sunday July 8 2018 several families were guests at the motorcycle races of SWPN: Official Partner of Stichting Zorgeloos Kind. Under perfect circumstances the families could enjoy the performances of Ricardo Brink driver of SWPN.

The families were welcomed at the Zolder Circuit in Belgium to experience a motorcycle race from up close. They were treated with goodies, food and drinks and a nice spot at the VIP box.
Ricardo and two former drivers from SWPN came to the box to talk to the children and tell some exciting racing stories. The engines were lined-up at the Pit to be viewed up close and even sat on! Also the Team Trailer could be viewed inside and out.

Zolder juli 2018
Ricardo has gained a lot more fans this day and with his 13th place in race 1 and an 8th place in race 2 he came "swinging" along happily with a loud applause from the children and their family.

Many thanks to the Zolder circuit for their perfect cooperation. It was clear the families and the children enjoyed this special day and they all returned home happy.
How wonderful it is that Stichting Zorgeloos Kind could make this happen thanks to all kind donations.

More information about Stichting Zorgeloos Kind and other crowdfunding actions can be found here



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