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Thomas Covington podium place at the Grand Prix MX2 in Czech Republic

Thomas Covington of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing competed for the victory in the fourteenth match for the MX2 World Championship in Loket, Czech Republic. Covington managed to finish in second place in both motos and finished third in the day standings.

Covington loket july 2018
Covington was strong on the Loket technical circuit. The weekend could not start better on Saturday as Covington won the qualifying heat and captured the pole position. With the two second places he managed to win in the motos, he remains in sixth place in the standings of the MX2 world championship.

Thomas Kjer Olsen managed to continue his good form in Loket over the past few weeks. After he finished third in the qualifying heat he crashed at the start of the first moto. From one last place he fought all the way back to seventh place and added a fourth place later in the day, which made him fifth in the day standings.

olsen loket july 2018
In two weeks the home Grand Prix of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing will be on the calendar in Lommel, Belgium.



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