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             Thomas Kjer Olsen celebrated MX2 in Grand Prix in Bulgaria

Thomas Kjer Olsen fought through two challenging motos in the Grand Prix MX2 in Bulgarian Sevlievo and finished the weekend with a fourth place in the day standings. Olsen has three more games to go to secure his third place that he occupied in the intermediate standings.

On the hard circuit of Sevlievo Olsen showed a positive speed. After crashing into third place in the first moto, he crashed at the start of the second moto and had to do a lot of work to come forward. After giving everything, he managed to take a fifth place with which he finished fourth in the day's results.

Thomas Covington experienced varying success in Bulgaria. He won the qualifying heat on Saturday in a strong way and finished fourth in the first moto. At the start of the second heat, Covington was involved in the same crash as Olsen and had to come back from the rear. Covington did what he could to gain as many places as possible and managed to win an eleventh place. With the 28 points he scored, he finished in seventh place in the day results and has now climbed to a fifth place in the standings of the World Championship.

olsen bulgaria aug 2018

Comment Thomas Kjer Olsen: '' It was a heavy Grand Prix in which I did my best to get a good result. In the first moto I took a good start and quickly managed to nest myself in the top five. The pace was very high in the first two laps. I worked up a fourth place behind Covington and managed to pass him by. Furthermore, it was a good race in which I managed to become third. In the second moto, Covington crashed just before me in the starting corner. I could not avoid him and fell. I knew I had to work hard and I did that. I have overtaken many riders and came back to the top five. I am quite satisfied with these results. My speed was good and after the crash I did my best in the second heat. ''                      



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