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‘It’s been years since I had such a bad crash’, Verhoeven told. ‘It was a nasty section, with grey sans and black lava stones. I was on a good pace, at least 130 km an hour. At once the bottom of my Yamaha hit the edge of a rock. I knew I was going to crash and made myself small so I could roll. I fell off on the left side and landed on my right after a few rolls. My lower back and my butt are bruised and battered. It will be blue and sore tomorrow. I have been lucky between those rocks and stones I did not get hurt worse. My protective clothing has saved me. When you look at my Leatt-brace, that protects my neck, you can see it’s had an impact. It’s done its job!’

Verhoevens Yamaha also came out more or less unhurt. The roadbook was bend, but Verhoeven could use it by hand. 

Verhoeven worked hard during the stage and took risks to get over his result of the day before. ‘The Yamaha is strong. I have enough faith in my bike to ride fast and take necessary risks. The crash was my own fault.’

The fourth stage is 717 kilometers long and takes the competitors from Nazca to Arequipa. The special stage is only 290 kilometers..



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